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Geothermal heat is the future

In order to stop the climate change, we need fast, scalable, and sustainable energy solutions. Geothermal heat is an effective solution towards an emission-free and carbon neutral future.

The geothermal heat that glows in the depths of the earth is expected to become a new, environmentally friendly way of producing district heat in Finnish cities, once we first have accumulated enough information and experience on this matter. In 2020, 15 Finnish urban companies that work in the energy sector created a consortium that studies the potential of geothermal heat and also researches and develops technology in a pilot project. The project’s goal is to demonstrate drilling technology that utilises a hydraulic hammer.

Pilot well to Tampere

As a pilot project, a deep well drilling of three kilometres will be carried out together with the energy company Tampereen Sähkölaitos. Tarastenjärvi in Tampere will work as good, year-around junction for district heat distribution to demonstrate a new kind of energy production. The drilling will be operated by Thermo Rock and the Korean drill manufacturer HanJin D&B will be involved in its technical implementation.

The goal of the urban heating facilities’ consortium is to drill out answers from three-kilometres’ depth to solve the issues regarding the utilisation and drilling technology of geothermal energy. The project holds high expectations that focus above all on the development of thermal energy and automation technology and on the scalability of technology.